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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Lead Acid Battery

What does the term “MF" & Maintenance Free” mean?

The term "MF" & “Maintenance Free”, which is applied to all VRLA batteries, has to do with the fact that no additional water is ever required.Periodic cleaning may be necessary and charging will most likely be required during extended periods of inactivity or if your vehicle has a significant amount of key-off drain.

How to maintain VRLA Maintenance-Free Batteries??

The maintenance on a VRLA battery is much easier than the Conventional types. There is no need to check electrolyte levels and the filler plugs should never be removed. *The term “Maintenance-Free”, which is applied to all VRLA batteries, has to do with the fact that no addiional water is ever required.

 Keep the battery and terminal posts clean. If required, follow the cleaning procedures outlined in the How to Maintain Conventional Batteries section.

 Check the battery voltage and charge if necessary. Full charge voltage for a VRLA Maintenance-Free battery is 12.8V to 13.0V. When charging the battery, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the charger.

** CAUTION! Before performing any maintenance to your battery, make sure you have the adequate personal protection gear. It’s necessary to shield your eyes, skin, and clothing. Also, never smoke near a battery or expose it to an open flame or sparks. Read the owner’s manual and follow the instructions and all warnings included with the battery.

Lead Acid Battery Regeneration

What Is Lead Acid Battery Sulphation?
When a battery’s energy charge is drained and needs to be charged during normal working cycles, sulfate crystals gradually build up on the electrodes, preventing the battery from effectively delivering current. The crystals in effect suffocate the battery.

This lead sulfate increases internal resistance and decreases the specific gravity of the electrolyte. The process of battery sulfation build-up is unavoidable. Worse yet, after 3-4 years the process accelerates substantially.
Is There A Benefit In Regenerating Battery?
Yes. On the whole , Battery Regeneration can save up to 79% !
For batteries that are between 1-2 years old, as sulfation occurs from the moment a battery is made. Batteries that have gone through the regeneration process hold and deliver their capacity constant at a 90-100% level,

Over a period of 8-10 years old battery  may be regeneated till 80% capacity  or more

Theory & Knowledge

Solid Physics Theory

Based on solid physics theory . any insulating layer can be breakdown if giving a enough high voltage , Once breakdown, insulating materials  would be transformed into a conductor.

The same way ,large volume size lead sulfate crystals can be breakdown if giving a instant high voltage to Sulfation Layer with low conductivity & high resistance

Based on atomic physics, the sulfur ion has 5 different energy levels, meta-stable ions is tend to move to stable covalent energy levels.

In state of stable covalent bond energy level   , sulfur molecular be existed in annular form that contains 8 atoms , which is a stable combination . it is very difficult to be broken and transition.

'Sulfuration'  phenomenon on battery is refer to this kind of stable covalent energy levels . to break it , need to offer a certain energy to molecular with ring structure .  electrons in the outer shell of sulfur atom is activated to the next high-energy band,  stable covalent energy levels is broken and sulfur atoms are released

Why A Lead Acid Battery Fail
Overcharge --Corroeded plate -Water loss (Gel or Separator Dry-out)
Undercharge--Sulphation & Corrosion
Discharged Sotrage--Sulphation ,Corrosion & Hydration
Overdischarge--POS(+) Plate damage
Abuse-- Droped/Cracked --Boken posts --High heat --Poor Quality 
Poor Maintenance-- lack of systematic power supply maintenance --lack testing

 Composite intelligent resonance pulse technology, which is the best and most advanced technology on lead acid battery desulfation & production