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For a commuting motorcycles, the tires mileage is very important to a rider . After all, Motorcycle tires are quick wear parts, and the cost is not cheap if replace a new one . how can we check out tire mileage  when you are planing to replace new one?

First of all, the manufacturer would NOT offer the actually mileage of a tire, because tire mileage is not only related to manufacturing technical factors, but also use factors, such as motorcycle maintenance, tire pressure, driving habits, whether overloading, weather factors, road conditions, etc.

Today we will NOT discuss conditions of use and environmental factors. Only focus on tire manufacturing factors. international standards E-mark or CCC would NOT tell your tire mileage ,but per factory engineer, a tire design life above 16" Rim size is 15,000 to 25,000 kilometers, with an average of about 20,000 kilometers. The actual mileage may be around 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers.

 Motorcycle tire mileage

Many people may complain that their motorcycle tires last less than 10,000 kilometers, or even 5,000 to 6,000 kilometers. What is the reason for this?
the main reasons on manufacturing and tech are as follows:
(1) To save costs, low-standard rubber formula is used, that mean the tire tread wears too much and too fast.  it is called NOT wear-resistant.
(2) In order to reduce the manufacturing cost , the tread rubber reduced,  tire crown rubber thickness reduced accordingly, that means crown groove depth is less than standard or at the standard lower limit.

The above two issue are the most important reasons concern on short mileage , which are also related to production costs directly. Therefore, the cheap tires must be discounted on quality. Of course, it does not mean that expensive tires must have a long mileage or good quality. Focus on the wear resistant and groove depth , which would guild you to find good quality tires.

The speeds, expressed by the speed category symbol as shown in the table in paragraph,The corresponding symbol from the following table indicate the maximum running speed of the tire

Speed category


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