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Electric Motorcycle & Scooter
Electric Motorcycle & Scooter
With more than 15,000 + units Electric Bike & Scooter output annual .which has been exported to East & South Asia , South American and Africa
Motorcycle Engine Parts
Motorcycle Engine Parts

Motorcycle parts manufacturers & motorcycle parts suppliers,Motorcycle engine parts,Motorcycle tires & tubes , Chinese motorcycle parts

Battery Motorcycle
Battery Motorcycle
Samonao battery motorcycle & AGM motorcycle battery  which is for motorcycle starting  & electric motorcycle driving

Motorcycle Engine Parts

With 25+ Years expreience on manufacture of Motorcycle Engine Parts .Under ISO 9001 Quality system with a Spirit of Seriousness, Availability, Technical Evolution and Improving Continuously.

270+ Modes of Motorcycle Engine Parts developed . Engine Bore size from 70cc~110cc~125cc~ 150cc~250cc .Original Japanese Technology with Original factory Quality .Durable & Stable on Wear Resistance & Mileage , Perfect Appearance & Oil Saving . From Premium Raw Materials ,Advanced and Precise machine and Heat Dissipation Tech.The engine parts is produced per boron-containing bimetal casting process and comply with the national standard GB/T1150-1993 standard. Original Japanese Technology.

Samounao motorcycle engine parts is with characteristics of High Hardness, Wear Resistance, Good Oil Holdiing & Storage and Strong Heat Dissipation.Boring and grinding by German Machine, Accuracy and Geometric Tolerance up to T- level.Grinding Mesh Regularity , Uniform Oil film distribution , Good Lubrication on Reciprocating and extremely low lubricating oil Consumption.

Cooperation with some famous trademark from South American ,East Asia ,Africa ,USA, Euro etc.Qualified & Certified vendor for QIANGJIANG, QINGQI .

Wholesale Motorcycle Parts
Motorcycle Parts Supplier

Comply with the National Standard GB/T1150-1993


Motorcycle Parts Wholesale Distributors
Chinese Motorcycle Parts Suppliers

Motorcycle Parts Wholesale Distributors <br> Chinese Motorcycle Parts Suppliers

All The Motorcycle Parts We Provide For You

Motorcycle Engine Rebuild

Motorcycle Engine Rebuild

Samounao, who makes the best engine rebuild kits since 1998. Original Japanese Technology , Genuine Parts with Original factory Quality but with competitive price . Both wholesales & retails are availabe .

* Cylinder Motorcycle
* Cylinder Head Motorcycle
* Motorcycle Crankshaft
* Motorcycle Camshaft
* Motorcycle Connecting Rod
* Motorcycle Piston
* Motorcycle Piston Ring
* Motorcyel Engine Valves
* motorcycle gasket
* Rocker Arm Motorcycle

It has the characteristics of High Hardness, Wear Resistance, Good Oil Holdiing & Storage and Strong Heat Dissipation.



We are committed to providing safe and reliable parts at competitive prices, Through the fastest & low cost  supply chain system, no matter where you are, we are dedicated to deliver your order directly to your hands instead of through a dealer

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What Kind of Tires & Tubes is Suitable

Motorcycle tires quality is first issue if you are going to change your tire & tubes . OEM tires or oginal tires on your motorcycle is NOT necessary if you know some of quality engough good brand or supplier .

A reliable tires & tubes can offer much more safety ,can save your oil & money . Samouano can lead you on the right way to approach a good quality tires .
I like cheaper price like you .  Same quality but competitive price tires  is good opinion  . How can I bought a cheap tires but with a high quality .   follow with us
We dellive all of my parts via int'l shipping ways .  every order would be delivered to your directly  .  No need a sales dealer or breakers . so we can reduce business cost . offer you good quality and cheaper price .
We keep the same after sales service with a  class sales agent or distributor .   Any defected parts would be replaced  with a new one at our cost .  On the other hand , we would send you right training course and teach you how to replace parts and make maintenance . Everything is so easy!

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The speeds, expressed by the speed category symbol as shown in the table in paragraph,The corresponding symbol from the following table indicate the maximum running speed of the


"Load capacity index" means a figure associated with the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed corresponding to its speed symbol according to the operating conditions


“Cord” & “PLY” for Motorcycle Tires

(1) "Cord" means the strands forming the fabric of the plies in the pneumatic tyre; The most


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 Composite intelligent resonance pulse technology, which is the best and most advanced technology on lead acid battery desulfation & production