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“Cord” & “PLY” for Motorcycle Tires

“Cord” & “PLY” for Motorcycle Tires

(1) "Cord" means the strands forming the fabric of the plies in the pneumatic tyre; The most commonly used nylon material in motorcycle tires, such as nylon 66, is a very tough polymer material with high strength and toughness, which is very suitable for tire structural materials

 Motorcycle Tires  PLY rate

(2) "Ply" means a layer of rubber-coated parallel cords; PLY
The more PLY, the higher the strength of the tire carcass structure. In the past, tires with 4 or 6 PLY or even 8 PLY were popular, but with the advancement of technology, the strength of the cord has increased a lot. Tires using 2 ply cord are very common these days. However, when PLY is still marked according to the traditional 4PR (4PLY) or 6PR (6PLY )

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