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Genuine Motorcycle Block Piston Cylinder Kits for Bajaj BM100

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 BAJAJ DISCOVER 100 Cylinder kits  Cylinder kits Tech Parameter

 BAJAJ Discover 100/ BM 100 Cylinder Kits  
Bore (Φ mm) 47.0
Stroke(mm) 54.4
Effective Height (mm) 61.2
Total Height (mm) 88.5
Displacement(cm3) 94.4
Ring/Pin(Φ) mm 0.8*0.8*1.2/13

 Advantage Of SAMOUNAO Motorcycle Engine Parts:

1. Super wear-resisting and shock-resistance.
2. Excellent Heat Dissipation.
3. Smooth and Fine Appearance.
4. Precise in Dimension.
5 .Competitive factory Price.
6. Low fricative ratio.
7. Better oil-storage ability.
8.Long service life & Better durability.
9.ISO/TS16949 and GB14622:2007 quality guarantee. 

Company Profile of Samounao

With 25+ Years expreience on manufacture of Motorcycle Engine Parts .Under ISO 9001 Quality system with a Spirit of Seriousness, Availability, Technical Evolution and Improving Continuously.

270+ Modes of Motorcycle Engine Parts developed . Engine Bore size from 70cc~110cc~125cc~ 150cc~250cc .Original Japanese Technology with Original factory Quality .Durable & Stable on Wear Resistance & Mileage , Perfect Appearance & Oil Saving . From Premium Raw Materials ,Advanced and Precise machine and Heat Dissipation Tech.The engine parts is produced per boron-containing bimetal casting process and comply with the national standard GB/T1150-1993 standard. Original Japanese Technology.

Samounao motorcycle engine parts is with characteristics of High Hardness, Wear Resistance, Good Oil Holdiing & Storage and Strong Heat Dissipation.Boring and grinding by German Machine, Accuracy and Geometric Tolerance up to T- level.Grinding Mesh Regularity , Uniform Oil film distribution , Good Lubrication on Reciprocating and extremely low lubricating oil Consumption.

Cooperation with some famous trademark from South American ,East Asia ,Africa ,USA, Euro etc.Qualified & Certified vendor for QIANGJIANG, QINGQI 

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